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Our Wedding Dresses

We take pride in presenting to you a collection of Eco-friendly one of a kind wedding dresses made of authentic vintage laces.  Each dress is made with love in Los Angeles CA.  Our dresses unlike traditional weddings can also be worn to other special occasions and are sure to stand out from the rest.

Our dresses are designed in a way that allow alterations to be made, that include re-sizing, removing sleeves, creating back cut outs, etc.  We are more than happy to provide that service for you before shipping out your dress, please contact us for details. 

In addition to the dresses currently available, we do take special orders and can definitely help you make your dream wedding dress.   Due to the current high demand in our dresses, if you have a special request please be sure you mention your wedding date, this way we can respond right away with an estimated delivery time.  Please contact us for more information. 

About us

Saldana Vintage was previously known as Hollywood Style Vintage.  It all started when Cecilia was about to become a mother, and decided working for the fashion industry in Los Angeles was not how she wanted to start motherhood.  It was a hard decision to make as a FIDM graduate since she really wanted to put all the skills she had learned to use.  At that moment family to her was more important than her career so she did it anyway.  After looking in her closet, she realized she had some amazing vintage dresses that she decided to sell on eBay.  The hand full of dresses sold for about a week's worth of pay and she realized eBay could actually bring enough business for her to stay home with her child.  After successful running her business from home using eBay and Etsy as her main platforms,  she decided she really enjoyed the flexibility of working from home and avoiding the corporate world.  Hollywood Style Vintage sold mostly 70s style vintage clothing and anything with lace, as well as silk burnout velvet kimonos and other basic and affordable hand made pieces.   Despite the fact that vintage was always something she truly loved, in the back of her mind designing was always in her heart.  In 2015 she finally decided to go back to her true love for design while incorporating the love for vintage and bohemian style wedding dresses.  Since then Saldana Vintage has taken pleasure in being part of beautiful brides worldwide, creating gorgeous one of a kind Eco-friendly dresses while keeping in mind the current economy, promoting environmental awareness, and enjoying the process of making every single dress.